As the rustling of leaves plays soft melody in rhythm to the hooves, Tik — tak tik — tak the carriage moves along with the raven horse, as dark as the sky above with polka dots like the glistening stars. The sound is almost musical, weirdly soothing to listen amidst the landmass of green bushes spreading as far as one can see yet the route stretches long , narrow like the journey of life, but not for the curious mind sitting at the back dangling her legs wondering what her life would look like in 10,20,30 years. Her imagination knows no bound just like the bird that flies far above her.

Dang — A loud streech woke up the lady only to look at the back of her driver who carelessly throws few curses out in the air for every 5 seconds. Heaven forbid she thought only to realize that they are struck in the four way junction of the expressway, safe to say a huge mess or in this case mess of cars like a spider web honking left and right. A soft cozy smile rises at the corner of her lips, too bad even the 10 year old’s imaginations don’t stand a chance in capturing the essence of what really happened in the past 40 years now , aren’t they ?

Now the question is what really happened? Oh, the building density per sq foot meter increased dramatically to about 62% with a world population growth rate declined from 2.2 % per year to 1.05%, not to mention the spatial, social and political developments. Today we can call uber right from the bed and book a flight ticket just before grooming ok all those skyscrapers, bullet trains and mile long bridges let’s not go there, please . But Wait! Surprise… We all know this.

Shoot, not flabbergasted

So, chums have you ever wondered how it all happened and how we all made it happen? Well, we did it! As a Student and Gen Z we all destined to know the technical aspects of technology, its future scope and innovations but do we really know “the secret of success?” To say it all in simple words, enterprise and the economics in the business world went hand in hand to help in offering people more value. As Steve Jobs famously quotes, people don’t know what they want so don’t ask them, rather just give it to them, once the people’s standard of living rises up there is no talk about going back.

True that the technology and means are directly proportional but where does that technology come from? Answer-Market! There evolves the market for innovation as some people saw the need and an opportunity to deliver it, as the leading edge develops ,people enthusiastically started to invest in that, thus transforming it as a business model.The enterprise primarily focuses on producing immense value in the form of product or service to the right audience at the right time. The value that you provide talks for it and nudges the customers to go for it, remember we all likes to buy but no one likes to be sold or convinced or fooled for that matter. So what now? We sold, we made profit but to make the flow of money continuous and in right investment path, all your customers must be satisfied, its nothing new to watch some companies go overboard and upgrades the pack, all good surprise are good and good thing is that your customers will start to market your products for you — Hustling here you come!

Human beings are so sensitive and emotional , no matter how hard the society treats us as the opposite.,we all are driven by some emotional end result, ultimately to find the key for happiness or to over our guilt. Now with this information in hand, if you look at every technology that is possibly made by a person we all can get to know why the product really succeeded. Value creation and elegance creates space for scope and scale.

In this whole world , for example, you chose to read this blog instead of scrolling instagram which separates you from 98% people who are just chilling. Same principle goes for the product — one can buy anything with that said amount you are not competing with your so called enemy companies but with the millions other things one could possibly do with that amount including buying a galloons of ice cream to fill the pool and swim in it , tough competition I know so what one can do to secure our place , after intense mind mapping and coming to the conclusion it is that you providing the right value that your customer deserves which ultimately makes you rich, which is why you are patiently reading this!

With money comes the responsibility, responsibility to not just invest and save it but to protect others, mutual respect and “equalism” is something that every individual must learn irrespective of the status. Which our predecessors failed to do, but no worries we all can pulls the bits and pieces and possibly alter it all before it’s too late. Thus comes our topic Enterprise, Economics and ENVIRONMENT which thrives to reduce the overall ecological foot prints.

There are just three key challenges of our time

- Making the transition to a zero carbon

- Environmentally sustainable economic model

- And simultaneously improving the quality of life for the world’s least advantaged people

For starters, we can look a way to align finance and sustainability or how about

To acknowledge these environmental issues and generate solutions that are practical, bridge the transformation gap between what is really implemented by today’s CEOs as an action about the sustainability and environment concern and what really needed to be done and the sustainability goals are, to grow the social impacts and considerably decrease the environmental impact. By understanding and explaining how these things work we can get to know what steps do we need to take and have a positive change in Human and Environment Relationship?

I just like for you to know that there are seven core modules

1) Systems change, enterprise and innovation

2) Methods and Data

3) New economic thinking on net zero and sustainability

4) Global Spaces and Future cities

5) Sustainable Finance

6) Socio-Technical innovations and

7) Environment Markets and Society

And interdisciplinary like Climate change, Lower Carbon Futures (Example: even Concrete), Eco System science, Conservation, Food, Water, Earth System, Environmental Economics, Human System, Sustainable Responses.

The entire unusual career path that works for the same goal are Economics, Enterprise, Finance, Governance Leveraging, Interdisciplinary science, Marketing, Psychology, Investment/Stock Market Approach, Ecology, Atmospheric Physics, Eco science, Civil Action/ Politics, History, Tradition, Moral Belief- Responsibility, Natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Arts (Economics, Finance), Social Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Government/Politics, Law

This is where I hope the future everything revolves, the new future world which saves itself to have a future! So, let’s now focus on educating ourselves in every subject that we learn before the Sem — big night with this bigger picture in our mind, the whole applied sustainable world. Have a great day with maximum happy learning’s!

- Amirtha Preethi R

Final year, Civil Engineering

P.S anyone who likes to learn more about business or sustainability further can mail me at